Dishwasher AEG F 87000 MP Photo
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Dishwasher AEG F 87000 MP

Dishwasher Photo

Dishwasher AEG F 87000 MP Photo


capacity (place settings)12
width (cm)60.00
depth (cm)63.00
height (cm)85.00

AEG F 87000 MP Characteristics

type dishwasherfullsize
setup methodfreestanding
drying dishescondensation
number of temperature regimes4
half loadno
the maximum power consumption (W)2200
use of the 3 in 1no
automatic installation of water hardnessno
sensor water purityyes
especially the working chamberthe inner surface of stainless steel, height adjustable basket for utensils

Efficiency and power consumption

class of energy consumptionA
washing efficiency classA
drying efficiency classA
water consumption (liter)11.00
energy consumption per cycle (kWh)1.03
noise level (dB)44


protection of childrenno
protection against leaksyes


management dishwasherelectronic
availability displayyes
sound signalno
number of washing programs7
the standard washing programsintensive program for heavily utensils, express program (fast cycle)
special washing programsgentle program for washing delicate items, automatic program, organic program, soaking mode, bio-economical program, program for pots and pans
timer delay startyes
salt indicatoryes
indicator availability rinseyes
beam on the floorno

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