Fridge Hitachi R-E6800UXK Photo
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Fridge Hitachi R-E6800UXK

Fridge Photo

Fridge Hitachi R-E6800UXK Photo


total volume of the refrigerator (l)651.00
freezer volume (l)206.00
refrigerator compartment volume (l)319.00
width (cm)82.50
depth (cm)72.80
height (cm)183.30

Hitachi R-E6800UXK Characteristics

type fridgerefrigerator with freezer
fridge locationstanding separately
freezer locationbelow
way to defrost a refrigeratorno frost
way to defrost freezerno frost
number of compressors1
number of cameras5
additional optionstemperature display, super freezing
number of doors6
ability to change the position of the doorno

Efficiency and power consumption

energy classclass a
power consumption (kWh/year)0.00


mode "vacation"no
protection of childrenno

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