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Alcatel PIXI 3(4.5) 4027D

Alcatel 1042D

Alcatel Idol 2 6037K

Alcatel POP 2 5042D

Alcatel POP C7 7041D

Alcatel ONETOUCH POP C2 4032D

Alcatel POP 2 (5) 7043K

Alcatel Idol 2 Mini 6016D

Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2

Alcatel POP 2 Premium 7044Y

Alcatel Idol Alpha

Alcatel POP 2 (5) 7043Y

Alcatel Idol Mini 6012X

Alcatel POP C3 4033D

Alcatel PIXI 3(4.5) 5017X

Alcatel Pop S7 7045Y

Alcatel One Touch IDOL X+ 6043D

Alcatel POP C1 4015D

Alcatel One Touch X'POP 5035D

Alcatel PIXI 3(4.5) 5017D

Alcatel One Touch 2001X

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Please help the project: Thank you!

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