Fridge Sharp SJ-SC59PVBK Photo
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Fridge Sharp SJ-SC59PVBK

Fridge Photo

Fridge Sharp SJ-SC59PVBK Photo


total volume of the refrigerator (l)583.00
freezer volume (l)150.00
refrigerator compartment volume (l)433.00
width (cm)80.00
depth (cm)72.00
height (cm)185.00
weight (kg)88.00

Sharp SJ-SC59PVBK Characteristics

type fridgerefrigerator with freezer
fridge locationstanding separately
freezer locationabove
way to defrost a refrigeratorno frost
way to defrost freezerno frost
number of compressors1
number of cameras2
power freezing (kg/day)7.00
standalone cold preservation (h)19
number of doors2
ability to change the position of the doorno

Efficiency and power consumption

energy classclass a
power consumption (kWh/year)502.00
noise level (dB)39


mode "vacation"no
protection of childrenno

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